US Tax Shield

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US Tax Shield is the largest tax attorney law firm in the United States. We helped them reduce their average cost to acquire a customer. In addition, we were able to reduce the amount the client spends on advertising, while increasing the number of clicks produced by advertising nearly ten fold—that’s an increase of nearly 1,000% in the number of potential customers seeing US Tax Shield’s website while spending less on marketing!


Case Study & Results

Pay Per Click

William Marketing are amazingly effective Marketing Consultants. They have in depth knowledge of how to utilize search engine marketing to increase traffic and lead generation for clients. As a result, he works with an impressive roster of clients. I thoroughly enjoy working with Patrick for two reasons. He understands integrated marketing as I do, and he is a patient, supportive and kind person. He is a first-class Marketing Consultant.and Campaign Manager, one you will want to remember!! – Sean | Matrix Systems

Clicks Increased
Leads Increased
Cost Per Lead Decreased
Campaign Cost Decreased
Digital Market Share Increased