AdWords Trends That Advertisers Will Witness

AdWords Trends That Advertisers Will Witness

AdWords offers a great opportunity for business owners and advertisers who would like to complement their marketing campaigns like SEO. However, the way AdWords campaigns are executed has been changing over time. If you would like to keep your ads relevant, you ought to ensure that you examine the trends in AdWords and use appropriate strategies. When applied the right way, AdWords can see improved results in your advertising campaigns, business sales, and business growth. Predictions have been put forward about the trends expected in AdWords but what’s important is how to take action and keep AdWords accounts in better shape. Here are a few trends we expect to see.

Combining keyword and targeting of audience

Audience targeting is going to promote PPC campaigns for marketers. The reason why AdWords has grown into a multi-million dollar business is because, it has been able to offer hyper-specific audience targeting through keywords. It also has been able to figure out how to ensure relevance by bringing in the Quality Score feature. But, this has not been enough because it lacked the element of getting advertisers or business persons to know much about the users who look at the ads.

Today, this problem has been addressed by using Customer Match feature in AdWords, which allows advertisers to create audience lists depending on the actions people have taken such as those who signed up for a newsletter.

Video ads are going to take off

In the past, advertisers haven’t been able to do much with videos through AdWords campaigns because it was a separate area within AdWords. On top of that, it had unusual settings, which many advertisers did not find it easy to figure out because they are used to buying text ads and keywords.

However, with the YouTube TrueView campaigns, they have become true AdWords campaigns. These have ad groups and targeting options, which somewhat mimic what advertisers are used to from the search and display campaigns. This has made things a lot easier and we expect to see more advertisers use video ads.

Advertisers need to upload video content about their business to YouTube and then embed them on their sites. People adore and love videos, and this presents a huge opportunity for business owners to get free views before even the audiences begin exploring the videos.

These are some of the trends that we may see in coming months taking place within the AdWords campaigns. Of course, there are others such as structured data that is going to be turned into ads while mobile ads continue to increase. A mobile ads strategy in AdWords will therefore be important for the advertisers.