Basics Knowledge of Facebook Advert

Basics Knowledge of Facebook Advert

Basics Knowledge of Facebook Advert

As social media becomes the go-to place for news, shopping, work, and fun, companies that want to succeed in today’s ever more competitive world marketplace must branch out from traditional forms of advertising. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on newspaper ads, thousands of dollars on radio ads, or tens of thousands of dollars on TV commercials that only target local or regional populations, companies now have the option of utilizing social media advertising to reach a global marketplace. One cost effective method to advertise in this new and growing platform is Facebook.

How Does This Campaign Work?

A Facebook (FB) advertising campaign is much more affordable for new companies that are just dipping their toes into an advertising campaign. They are also much more flexible and adaptable for already established companies that are looking to expand on their reach.

To begin, a company must first define their goals. Are you trying to increase your brand recognition? Are you trying to get customers into your store? Are you trying to get positive word of mouth from existing customers? Depending on your aims, you will be able to customize your FB page to meet your goals. There are many types of campaigns, from simply accruing “Likes” (where a customer visits your page and presses the “Like” button), to creating coupons that are downloaded to a customer’s phone that must be brought into the store to receive the discount. The most important thing is to convey to your page designer the purpose for the campaign so that your objectives are clear and measurable.

Tracking ROI And Does The Campaign Increase It?

Measuring your return on investment (ROI) is not as easy as on some traditional campaigns, but if you keep your objectives clear and if you keep track of the same data points before and after the campaign begins, you will be able to measure your ROI. FB has many conversion measurements that are installed on your FB page and give you information such as how many visits you have to your page, how many customers “Like” your page, how many customers visit your page and then place an order, and how many customers tag your page for their friends and family.

If your conversion measurements show that your campaign is not reaching the targets set forth, it is quick and easy to tweak or completely change the campaign to get back on track with your objectives. With traditional advertising, it is costly and takes time to completely redo an ad. With a FB campaign, you can change it within minutes for a very minimal outlay of time and money.

What Does This Mean For My Business?

A FB campaign has the possibility of increasing your brand recognition, increasing your visibility within your own community and around the world, and generating income that you may be losing to competitors who are engaging in social media campaigns now. For the time and money, you cannot beat a social media advertising campaign on FB.