Boost Your Returns, Start tracking Conversions In AdWords

Boost Your Returns, Start tracking Conversions In AdWords

Online marketing is one of the fastest evolving marketing strategies available. This calls on companies to adjust and move along almost every now and then. Most companies have not taken full advantage of things like Google AdWords conversion, yet it presents a huge opportunity not just to get more website traffic but to get more business. Businesses that have engaged in conversion tracking have experienced increased profits.

Meaning of conversion tracking

AdWords has a powerful tool in it that enables users to monitor how their ad campaigns are bringing leads, email sign-ups, and downloads among other key actions. Against the common misconception that conversion tracking works only with purchases made online, conversion can be defined as any meaningful action done on the website by visitors. Conversions that can be tracked are basically anything from simple actions such as subscribing to a newsletter to making online purchases.

Reasons for tracking conversions

One way for a company to know what is working and what is not working in online marketing is through conversion tracking. Companies that do not track conversions simply end up wasting money on strategies that may not be working. By not engaging in tracking, they lack clarity regarding what to keep doing and what to drop.

Tracking helps businesses improve their performance by enhancing their AdWords accounts. Engaging in conversion strategies such as tracking increases the chances of a company’s conversion rate up to five percent. It is also a way of saving money and improving on your return on investment- ROI.

How to do conversion tracking

To set up conversion tracking, the first step is to sign up on AdWords. Then click the toolbar and choose conversion from the drop down menu. Select the +conversion button and select website from the different types of conversions available. Go to the name section and enter the name of the action you would like to track whether it is newsletter or downloads; this helps to differentiate the type of conversion in the conversion report. Then click done. Click value and choose how the conversion value will be tracked.

Move on by clicking count and choose how the conversion will be counted, and click done. Move on to the conversion selection window and choose from the options available. Select category by clicking on category, then click done.

For advanced settings, Click Include in “Conversions”. In case the data from the conversion action should not be included in the conversion report, simply uncheck Include in “Conversions” then select by default. Unchecking only the Include in “Conversions” does