Get More Value in Unstructured Data with the New Bluemix Services and Features

Get More Value in Unstructured Data with the New Bluemix Services and Features

IBM, through its Bluemix cloud data services, has introduced new features and services that are going to allow businesses to be able to migrate their data right to the cloud while at the same time being able to collect valuable insights from the same data. All this happens from a single UI or console. Previously, IBM amalgamated the SoftLayer cloud infrastructure to the Bluemix thus doing away with the standalone SoftLayer brand. This means that cloud data services users can enjoy the features offered by LoftLayer right from their Bluemix package. Some of the services that come with the new Bluemix platform are:

Data Migration tool- Bluemix Lift

IBM provides a data migration tool to enable the Wata Data Platform to be able to move their data to Bluemix. The Bluemix Lift tool ensures that the data transfer is encrypted for optimal security. The data migration process is even faster and reliable often beating the traditional services you find in the market. A user can migrate data with speeds clocking 225GB/hour and in addition to that, the transfer can happen even when there is a loss of connectivity or an outrage. This data transfer tool is designed to reduce downtimes.

Decision-Making tool- Decision Optimization

As a beta version being implemented on Bluemix, Decision Optimization is the tool to keep an eye on. This service allows users to make better decisions based on the variables and data ingested by the tool. The tool takes the huge amount of data including business goals, transactional data, master data, predictions, and business rules and then analyzes them to allow you make informed decisions about your business. For instance, a clothing retailer can make use of Decision Optimization service to find out whether they should or shouldn’t restock a low inventory item. And, this happens even without having to do a manual cost benefit analysis.

SQL database service- dashDB for Transactions

Through the dashDB for Transactions tool, developers can come up with new cloud-based applications. The dashDB for Transactions is considered a fully managed SQL database service running on IBM’s Bluemix platform and is a great addition to the services users can get from Bluemix.

Every organization, business, corporate entity, or individual wants to manage their data seamlessly. Many times, managing data becomes a tall order if you are not using unified data platforms. Many organizations have been asking the questions; how do we manage all our Bluemix and SoftLayer assets using a single console or UI? How do we log in to the single console using a single ID? Or how can we be billed on a single invoice? These are some of the concerns that business organizations, small and large, have when seeking data services. Well, IBM has realized the needs of businesses regarding managing their data on the cloud and that’s why this cloud data services provider has created more on-demand unified cloud platform like Bluemix.