Getting a Marketing Strategy for the New Year

Getting a Marketing Strategy for the New Year

Many businesses have not built an integrated digital marketing department and some even lack any plan for utilizing digital marketing strategy. The momentous changes witnessed in this year have set a path for the New Year’s digital marketing strategies. For businesses to succeed in 2016, they will need to transition to digital organizations first, the simple reason being, their customers are already digital. The online marketing scene is evolving fast and every year brings with it new changes. Businesses that are able to identify the next big trends can keep ahead with their growth and attain a competitive edge. Here are the digital marketing strategies that businesses large and small will need to put in place in the New Year.

Continue tapping on mobile users

Mobile usage will eclipse the use of the desktop as more people are accessing the Internet using smartphones. Desktop traffic may not disappear but mobile traffic is going to dominate and already, it has happened in 2015. Having your website redesigned to accommodate mobile searches will put you ahead of your competitors who have not done that. Search engines like Google are also repositioning their algorithms to ensure mobile friendliness and those that won’t update their sites will be left out. Their sites may not be accessed through mobile search.

Seek new optimization techniques

Online marketing strategies have heavily relied on SEO and PPC advertising. However, a new clone of marketing strategies is emerging, and that is, use of digital assistants such as Cortana and Siri. These can be optimized to help answer questions posed by consumers. More business owners will be using digital assistants in addition to pay per click and search engine optimization to enhance their online marketing strategies. In 2016, businesses need to ensure their business details are easily found through virtual assistant instead of simply listing such information on the web.

Use apps to help in search ranking

In addition to making websites mobile friendly, business owners need to integrate apps because they are going to form part of the search ranking factors. Google, the leading search engine, recently in April 2015 changed its algorithm and started using information that comes from indexed apps for search ranking. App indexing that surfaces content contained in apps right into Google mobile search results seems to have taken off. Some businesses have started employing this strategy. Apps appear to be more responsive to individual users.

Use video ads

Video ads have been there and they continue to be a strong force in online marketing. New Year is going to see increased use of video ads and if your business hasn’t tapped into this digital marketing strategy, it should be preparing to do so in a big way. Google includes video content within the search engine algorithm. Businesses are now realizing the effectiveness of online video ads.

Businesses need to plan ahead so that they take advantage of the new developments in digital marketing. And, as the adage goes, “The early bird catches the worm” hence those who take actions fast will likely benefit more than the others. These may not be the only strategies that businesses need to adapt in their New Year digital marketing campaigns but are among the most touted to bring the biggest impact.