Marketing Automation to Gain Back Customers

Marketing Automation to Gain Back Customers

The retail environment is highly competitive, especially online where your competitor is just a click away. Brand loyalty is slowly fading and becoming a thing of the past owing to the changing in buying behavior. Consumers are now sensitive to prices offered on products and services. With such retail dynamics, retailers are compelled to seek for ways to keep their clients coming back. Retailers can use customer retention tactics such as the loyalty programs but these at times are difficult to execute. Marketing automation may be one way of solving the puzzle surrounding the customer retention battle. Marketing automation should not only be intended for generating and nurturing leads but also retaining customers. Here are ways in which retailers can use automation on existing customers.

For post-sale Engagement

Your relationship with a customer does not end the moment you close the sale. You still need that customer now and in the future. Engaging that customer can help you know what they need. Marketing automation can feed you with all the information you need to distinguish who is connecting with you and who isn’t. It can help you construct a solid foundation with new clients and also keep accounts of existing customers engaged all through the client lifetime cycle.

Up and Cross-sell

Using marketing automation allows you to get more sales from the customers you have. You can suggest related or complementary products to the ones you sell them— this is the cross- sell strategy. Marketing automation uses client information and purchase history to make important, customized item suggestions to the customers. You can even send activated re-order messages and determine the right cross-offer items.

Improve Customer Service and Advocacy

Automation helps get feedback from customers which can help you learn how they perceive your brand, products, and services. You can send tailored messages depending on how customers perceive your brand. Learning the practices and behaviors of existing clients can help to identify both positive and negative clients and naturally target them with the proper messages. You can use positive clients to act as advocates of your brand.

These tactics can help keep the customers engaged and targeted with the right products or services. They help retain the customers and establish a long term connection. You can easily develop ‘win back’ campaigns if you are connecting with your customers.

Marketing automation ought to be a big part of the whole client lifecycle. Using it just for lead generation and nurturing may be counterproductive. It costs close to five times more to get a new customer than to retain an existing one. The customers you already have are a valuable asset because they are your brand advocates. They speak about your brand when you’re sleeping or doing other business. Therefore, customer retention should be treated with utmost importance. It provides a brand experience that promotes multiple purchases, cross-sells, and up sells. By retaining a customer, you are increasing the life time value of that customer to your business.