Mobile PPC Trends You Must Do

Mobile PPC Trends You Must Do

Many advertisers and business owners, whether brick and mortar or online business would ask; why mobile PPC? The answer is pretty straightforward, people are going mobile and this cannot be denied. People are conducting business on their phones; they are connecting with friends and making purchases on phones. It is estimated that by 2020, the number of smartphone users is going to hit 6.1 billion. To add on to that, digital ad spending, which includes mobile searches, is projected to double to close to $59 billion by the year 2018, according to Local Media Tracking Study conducted by Local Search Association (LSA). If you’re targeting mobile users with your PPC campaigns, you may want to explore these trends to attain better results.

PPC content marketing

Content marketing has been highly emphasized in search engine optimization and social media marketing. The same is now being witnessed in pay-per-click advertising. Content marketing, when used in PPC campaigns helps build trust. With PPC, it is a campaign that promotes brand visibility by offering premium placement of ads in search results.

While advertisers strive to see people click on their ads, even if they don’t, the users will still see the brand. When you use content marketing, the users who do not click on your ad the first time, will have a higher chance of remembering the brand. When using PPC for content marketing, advertisers need to ensure that they send viewers to the right place. Hence, they will need to create custom landing pages allowing visitors to easily and quickly gain access to the content they have been promised.

In mobile PPC ads, advertisers need to refrain from using or putting large PDF files or some other downloads, which could slow down the load time for pages. They can instead use a squeeze page where they collect the name and email address of the audiences. The visitors can then click through a link to another page where they will find the content.

Use of AdWords extensions

Advertisers need to optimize their mobile PPC ad campaigns to ensure easy conversions on devices like tablets or smartphones. One way in which they can achieve this is by using ad extensions. Ad extensions are some sort of ad formats, which show extra information or extension from the text ads. The good thing with AdWords extensions is that they do not cost anything to the advertiser. They are just built-in features, which help increase click through rate, visibility, and landing page views.

These are some of the mobile PPC advertising trends that we are going to experience. Advertisers need to know how they can take advantage of these new developments in the pay-per-click advertising to reap great benefits.