New Year’s Resolution for Digital Marketing

New Year’s Resolution for Digital Marketing

It’s end of year and you’re wrapping up your digital marketing campaigns. From the statistical data you have obtained throughout the campaign period, you want to make sure you keep your head above the water in the New Year. Making a few tweaks here and there in your digital marketing could see you attain better results in coming years. In case you haven’t thought about reviewing your marketing approaches, you may want to know what is at stake for you in 2016.

Comb through to identify loose ends of your website

Things may have loosened up during the year and you didn’t have time to tidy up the website. There may be missing title tags, broken links, and 404 page errors that could be hurting your website ranking on search engine. Some pages may contain slow loading content, which makes visitors abandon them. You need to comb through your website pages to see if everything is in order. Sometimes, you may need a specialist web designer and internet marketing professional to run a functionality test and evaluation on your site to identity these troubles.

Consider that social network you have avoided

In the past, you may have focused on one or a few social media networks and eschewed others. You probably feel that those other social sites were not giving you a competitive edge in digital marketing. However, you may find that audiences are switching from one social media to another and you could easily send your brand to another network and build it there.

It may be the Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Periscope, or Instagram profile you have overlooked. Sign up for an account with that social media network especially if your audiences are using it. Social media networks cannot be ignored in building brand awareness, interaction with audiences, and even closing a sales lead.

Think along the lines of mobile and apps traffic

Mobile online traffic has reigned in 2015 something, which saw Google, the major search engine launch a new algorithm dubbed Mobilegeddon to make it impossible for audiences or searchers to find websites not optimized for mobile. You just have to optimize your website to be mobile friendly.

On top of that, you should consider developing an app for your business because even the mobile friendly websites may begin to take a different twist of events. Apps may replace mobile friendly websites because they can do everything a website does. They are also more accessible and convenient for smartphone users.

Use digital marketing automation

It will be easier for you when you use digital marketing automation tools because it allows you to send email campaigns, manage content, and execute social media posting seamlessly. It will allow you to stay organized, focused, and atop the quality of your content.

Digital advertising cost and competition will go up in New Year. Most businesses have realized that digital presence is a must-have thing in their marketing plans. Marketing competitors will shell their online spots by increasing the advertising costs as the need for businesses to secure their online presence increases. Businesses, large and small should be prepared for this turn of events.