Tips On Planning A Successful AdWords Campaign

Tips On Planning A Successful AdWords Campaign

As more businesses find their way to the internet, competition is getting stiffer. Yet there is still a lot of opportunity for you to reap big from this platform if you can identify the correct buttons to tweak. One of these is AdWords.

The AdWords feature takes your business away from the clutter of names and places it right in the eyes of the person that is looking for you. It is a good way to make your brand known, especially if you are new to search engines or if organic SEO efforts have not borne you enough results.

But before spending money on this marketing technique, you have to first put strategies in place to ensure that you get meaningful results from it. Here are tips on planning a successful AdWords campaign.

Create AdWords that are specific to your target audience

Many factors come to play when picking a target audience. The main ones are geography, age group, gender, and personal interests. You have to ensure that only the most relevant audience clicks on your ads. This will also help you make the most out of the traffic flowing to your website.

Because there are limits to the number of words that you can use on the ad title, ensure that what you come up with is as specific as possible. Don’t forget to make it catchy.

Diversify your AdWords campaign

It is more fruitful to shoot your target using more than one keyword. Create two or three different keywords for a single goal.

If you run a health website for instance, you can create two keywords for a product: one that invites the user to treat a condition, and another for the medical product that you are offering. When the person clicks on any of these AdWords, they land on the same page.

Moreover, use both Google search and YouTube AdWords to ensure that you gain presence in more platforms.

Analyze your performance

Use analytic tools to determine how your ads are doing. Analysis does not just end with someone clicking on your ad; rather, check what they do when they land on your page.

It is okay for the click rates to be lower than conversion rates. Note that the average click-conversion rate for paid search is around 3%, though the figures vary with industries. If your AdWords gain clicks but the conversion rate stays lower than your industry’s average, something somewhere is not right.

Tweak your AdWords when necessary

Unlike other forms of advertisement, Google AdWords are fairly easy to edit. If you get anything new that you think might work out, just log into your AdWords account, locate the ad, and make an update.

It takes patience to build a successful marketing campaign. When you try out a new strategy, give it enough time before you judge whether it is working or not. Experts recommend 3 to 6 week trials. Also, ensure that you prepare your website accordingly; focus especially on making the call to action icon visible.