Tips to Market Your Business During Christmas

Tips to Market Your Business During Christmas

Most businesses, particularly the small enterprises, cannot afford the luxury of a John Lewis advertising budget size when it comes to marketing in the time of Christmas. However, this does not mean that their brand sales expectations are lackluster. It is easier for small businesses to reach out to new and old customers without spending too much on marketing campaigns. Christmas isn’t just the time for applying cold, hard selling but also showing that you care and value your customers.

While many businesses think of short-term Christmas marketing ideas such as offering discounts to drive sales during Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day, and Cyber Monday, it is also important for brands to consider building long lasting loyalty. Here are a few tips to help you market your business during Christmas.

Develop your campaign strategy

Knowing where your customers are located puts you in a better position to tap the clientele base during the shopping season. While the John Lewis campaign received overwhelming response during its 2013 Christmas Advert, there was something peculiar about it. It was expensive but one lesson that could be learned is that, if you have a small budget, you can create campaigns specific for channels where you can reach your customers. Planning your campaign early helps, you maximize the potential to reach your customers.

Refresh your marketing campaigns

During Christmas, you want to ensure your marketing campaign is refreshed. For retailers, they may want to reward their customers. Make the brand have a seasonal look and feel. For example, a landscaper may want to offer special packages for people who want to spruce up the look of their homes before the holidays while hairdressers may try targeting people who need makeup for a Christmas party. Use social media to let customers know the kind of promotions and discounts you are offering.

Develop your holiday gift guide

A bigger percentage of gift card holders spend more than the amount offered on gift cards. This is an opportunity for you to tap into the consumer behavior at time of Christmas. Offering customers small gifts and freebies makes them feel special. It is a nice way to say “thank you” to the customers who have supported your brand all along. Gifts offered to customers encourage them to come again. You may organize events such as VIP sales night or some Christmas drink giveaways.

Tap in to your social media, pay-per-click, and SEO campaigns to reach out to as many customers as you can. Leveraging the use of these marketing channels allows you advance your brand to many people in a cost effective manner.