YouTube Marketing in AdWords

YouTube Marketing in AdWords

Every month, over one billion people visit YouTube and watch as much as six billion hours of videos from the site. A potential market lies here for your business, regardless of where it resides or what it sells. That is why, if you are not using YouTube AdWords in your campaigns yet, it is time you did. Apart from the power of numbers, the other advantages that YouTube AdWords users enjoy include:

Audience Specificity

You can set your Ad to reach a specific audience. Not only do you get to choose the country in which your target market is situated; you can also specify age, gender, and even your viewer’s interests. Using the information that users provide when signing up on Google platforms, YouTube will ensure that your advertisement reaches the people that you want it to get to.

Accurate expense and performance tracking

YouTube will only take your money after the viewer does an action that shows that you have caught their attention. For instance, users who watch a video from the beginning to the end will likely be consuming the message you are passing across. The same applies to those who click on embedded links or share the advert with friends.

Only after the user does the particular actions that you selected in your AdWords account settings do you pay for the advert.


Videos provide you with immense power to express any message the way you wish. Provided you make it interesting, informative, and concise, you will definitely attract an audience. YouTube is the place to post your videos without having to deal with many restrictions.

YouTube provides you with three ways in which you can display your AdWords: In-stream videos show before, during, or after the viewer watches related content; in-search videos puts your content at the top of YouTube search result lists, while the in-display method puts your video alongside the others in the users’ watch list.

Ease of access

There are not many procedures involved in uploading YouTube AdWords. Everything else is in place; the interface is quite friendly. Even a first-time computer user wouldn’t have much trouble tweaking here and there.

Moreover, there are lots of materials online to guide you through the video making process. Using these, you can optimize content and enhance the outcome of your campaign.

How to make the best YouTube AdWords

There are many helpful online materials that can help you come up with the best YouTube marketing AdWords. While you should consult these before embarking on your campaign, the general rules for coming up with successful AdWords are pretty straight forward.

One, don’t focus much on pushing your product, rather, provide useful, interesting information and slip in your brand name sparingly. Secondly, keep it short – don’t bog down the video with irrelevant things. If there’s a lot of information to provide, divide it in chunks and use separate video clips for each. Third, optimize use of relevant keywords for your video title.