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When you retain William Marketing for assistance in managing your advertising and online presence campaign you are entering into a relationship with a team of seasoned professionals.  Our team was created by amassing the best talent in the industry.  Each and every person on our team has a proven track record of success with the leading companies in his or her field.  Our members have a polished track record of successful work for companies such as Google, United, CNN, and other nationally-recognized companies.

If you are the advertising manager for a business, you may be tempted to scour the Internet and find the absolute cheapest advertising management company you can.  Unfortunately, many of our competitors in the online advertising and search engine optimization (“SEO”) industry are inexperienced and unsure about how to navigate the complicated world of online marketing.  Thus, while they may seem to be less expensive up front, in the long run they cost you money in wasted advertising dollars and lost revenues from those clients whose business you could have captured had you engaged a seasoned advertising management company such as our own.


We are not strangers to managing large accounts: we have successfully managed more than $2 million in advertising budgets, while at the same time, monitoring more than 100,000 unique keywords for advertising accounts and generating more than $1.5 million in revenue per month for most of our clients.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that our clients were, and continue to be, very pleased with our work.

We have the ability to track and analyze your advertising dollars, enabling us to determine where your money is being wasted—and where it’s being well spent. In addition to eliminating wasteful advertising spending, we can boost your profits by designing and implementing those ad campaigns which our analysis show to be most effective at capturing clients.  It is our goal to optimize your return on investment for your advertising dollars.