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Why choose William Marketing?

When you begin to work with William Marketing, one of the first things we do is assess your business and the marketing strategies, if any, you are currently employing.  This allows us to get an overall picture of the health and position of your marketing efforts.  By analyzing what you are already doing and the results you are obtaining we are able to determine what things may have an impact on further developing your client base and more efficiently selling your product or service.

We employ a number of strategies to increase your total number of clients as well as decrease the amount you must spend on advertising for each successful sale.  We look at five main areas and determine your strengths and weaknesses in each: search engine optimization (“SEO” for short), pay per click advertising (“PPC” for short), website design and implementation, branding, and graphic design.

Each of these areas can be a contributing factor to the strength (or weakness) of your marketing campaign.  As such, we consider every area to determine how best we may serve you.  We understand that businesses, like people, may be radically different from one another and we know that a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing simply does not work.

We look at the industry you operate in.  What works in one type of industry may not work in another, and we consider what the successful players in your industry are doing and how you can adapt your marketing strategy to emulate the success stories in that industry.  We don’t believe you have to reinvent the wheel; rather, in many cases, you can let others do the exploratory development (and pay the higher costs associated with doing so!) and then you can learn from their mistakes and successes when putting together your own marketing strategy.

Further, in addition to considering the unique position of each industry, we also review the client base you are trying to reach.  A luxury automobile manufacturer would of course target a different client base than a discount paper plate manufacturer.  Thus we consider the social, economic, political, and even geographic distinctions of your target consumer base in developing a set of marketing strategies for you.

Finally, we recognize that of the five areas noted above, there is no one magic bullet.  The best marketing strategy tends to be a blend of multiple areas.  We attempt to find the perfect blend to fit your industry, your product, and your client base.

Click on the links below to read more about each of the five areas in which we may help you.

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